QC Analytics

The industry leading independent QC package for marine seismic

Developed from the ground up in 2020, our QC Analytics module is flexible and powerful to cope with the demands of modern marine seismic qc. The automated import procedures handle all modern industry formats, as well as custom attribute files which vary from boat to boat. 


Based heavily on the classic MultiPlot QC, this module enables the efficient verification of a new seismic line, with the option to drill down into the detail when necessary. Built into the traditional displays such as areal plots, time series charts and histograms are powerful layered contractual tests giving you quick traffic light indicators on acceptability.

Feature Overview

  • Automated Import of P1, P2, Streamer RMS, SOLEOL noise, orca csv, TriNav csv, SPN csv

  • Time series plots, areal Plots, histograms, sequence by sequence stats, P1 Replay, Channel RMS module. 

  • Automate QC of layered contractual specifications and common sense checks using a traffic light system ​

  • P1 vs P2 verification attributes - verify P1 positions and depths back to raw P2 data

  • All Plots and traffic light reports integrated into PM report templates

  • High detail receiver level plots for depth, separation, SMA, acceleration, RMS noise and signal 

streamer acceleration
streamer acceleration

We check all receiver positions for smoothness, by calculating the streamer acceleration for every receiver in the in-line and x-line direction. Spikes due to poor processing are often identified and the P1 will require reprocessing.

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Areal Plots
Areal Plots

All attributes generated in a single click with sensible default palettes relevant to the attribute. Axis can either be line number and shot number, or Northing and Easting. Click on the map to bring up the time series below the map.

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Whole survey report
Whole survey report

Generate condition reports for all sequences. Monitor the performance of attributes over time, and summarise whole survey data quality.

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Automatically generated database

  • Course

  • Vessel speed

  • Preplot diff

  • Vessel interval

  • Source interval

  • Shot interval time

  • Shot dither

  • Streamer feather

  • Water depth

  • Source depth

  • NFH positions

  • Array separation

  • Sub-array separation

  • Streamer separations

  • Receiver depth

  • Streamer length

  • Vessel to CoS

  • CoS to CNG

  • CLG to tailbuoy

  • SMA of source and streamer H/M/T.

  • Min/Max/Mean depth per streamer

  • Separation at every receiver

  • In-line/X-line velocity of every receiver

  • In-line/X-line change in velocity per shot of every receiver

  • SMA at every receiver


  • Current Speed

  • Current Direction

  • Gyro

  • Crab

  • Velocimeter

  • Pitch/roll/heave

  • P2 water depth

  • SOS transducers

  • GPS Satellite count 


  • Raw rGPS ranges and bearings

  • Gun pressure

  • Gun depth

  • Gun timing

  • Gun flags

  • Gun count

  • Cable tensions

  • Compass bearings

  • Bird depths

  • Bird angles

  • Fin angles


P1 vs P2 Verification
  • Raw acoustic range to P1 receiver positions

  • Raw echo sounder to P1 water depth

  • Raw Bird depth to P1 receiver depths

  • Raw DGPS comparison to P1 vessel position

  • Raw rGPS comparison to P1 buoy positions

  • Contractor streamer misclosures/rotations


  • Receiver RMS for noise and signal windows

  • Data at every channel

  • Means of streamer sections

  • Means of whole streamers

  • Means of all channels

  • Signal to noise

  • Source balance

  • NFH peak 

  • NFH bubble period

  • NFH onset time


Raw P2