The latest generation of our project management and reporting package. This replaced the popular but dated Multiseis Classic in 2011 & was well received.  Even so, the program has evolved and improved greatly.  Includes Quick QC, Binning & MMO/MFO options.


  • Unique multi-platform (Currently Windows and Linux, but MAC OSX support coming), modern, easy to use, easily extended, versatile project management and reporting package that adapts to the required project type while minimising manual input and maximising automation.

  • Organises Project Details, Timing, Production, HSE (events, man-hours, bunkers, weather etc), QC Data (optional) and more, within a relational database for easy and consistent input/output.

  • Caters for Multi-Vessel, Multi-Block, even Multi-Client.

  • Consolidates data from separate networks, users input dedicated data but view project-wide data, excellent for multi-vessel projects.

  • Option for office-based auto-updating installation.

Tel: +44 (0)1508 486506



All resources (companies, vessels, personnel, equipment etc) in one easy to maintain area. Independent vessel timing, production, HSE etc can be catered for.