MultiStudio is a joint venture between MultiSeis Programmes Ltd (MPL) and SMS Ltd. MPL has worked with SMS since 2006 to enable Multiplot QC to collect information from the MultiSeis Project Management database, the joint license for Multiplot and MultiSeis Project Manager is called MultiStudio.


A unique and versatile suite of software tools, combining project management, reporting, navigation and comprehensive QC for Marine Seismic Surveys.


Multiplot QC toolbox used for gathering and analysing QC attribute data from navigation, seismic and environmental data inputs. Has been used on over 1000 surveys since 1990.


  • Unique QC software for Project management, Reporting and QC of seismic surveys. Combines Project Management with comprehensive Positioning QC tools and Attribute database of MultiPlot

  • Organises Production, Timing, Operational, HSE and QC Data for Project Management, Reporting and Statistical Analysis.

  • Archives thousands of QC attributes from navigation, positioning and seismic for each shot of a survey.

  • Uses detailed reverse-engineering technique to compare P190 to P294.

  • Geodetic and geomatic integrity verification for raw and processed navigation data.

  • Provides many tools for graphical display and analysis of QC attribute data (time-series, charts, spatial plots)

  • Useful during all phases of a survey (planning, acquisition and post-acquisition).

  • Many unique tools – 4D analysis and repeatability of source and CMP.

  • Cost Effective, of Value In-House and Offshore.

  • Easy to use PC based

  • All data can be archived, providing for secondary analyses at any stage after survey completion.

  • Multiplot helps the QC team to effectively manage the quality of data being acquired. Building on 'trust but verify' principles, Multiplot helps inform key decisions relating to data quality and the shooting programme

Position network observation tools
Position network observation tools

Position network observation tools
Position network observation tools

Source balance checks
Source balance checks

Position network observation tools
Position network observation tools



Project Manager

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