The MMO module is seamlessly integrated into the MultiSeis Project Manager software. Designed to offer increased functionality and improve ease and speed of use, encompassing both AMMC and JNCC requirements/formats.


  • Simple, automated and seamless installation, updates and licensing via a shore-side server.

  • Consistently integrated into standard Project Manager interface reducing learning/training needs.

  • Produces final outputs exactly as required by the regulating authorities (both AMCC and JNCC)

  • Quick and easy manipulation of data.

  • Sighting locations automatically plotted onto 2D and 3D maps with comprehensive filtering and formatting options provided.

  • A comprehensive set of MMO-related report blocks allow for flexible custom reporting, either stand-alone or as part of wider Project Manager reports.

  • Production log can be combined with MMO, resulting in sighting positions being automatically estimated based on line and sighting time, requires editing but saves typing time. Coming soon – Vessel track plot & auto picking of sighting vessel positions when an MPL tracker is employed.

  • Entry properties dynamically default to sensible values, reducing the amount of data entry required.

  • Easily extensible, data-driven system that can be simply extended to meet any new customer requirements.

Tel: +44 (0)1508 486506


MMO Sighting