Our 'company-wide' Management Solution. Combines a vessel tracking system and a database synchronisation service (via the Project Manager) that allows monitoring of any ongoing surveys via a web browser and Google Earth, plus storage and viewing of legacy databases


  • Allows unique and versatile presentations via a web browser. Includes project management plus optionally QC, GPS and AIS data allowing 24/7 vessel tracking.

  • Data is available in kml format, allowing utilization of the power of Google Earth to display vessel track, local AIS data, pre-plots, progress etc.

  • The field data is encrypted and synchronised (updates only minimising data transfer) with a server ashore which allows access only to authorized users.

  • Timing, Production, HSE (events, man-hours, fuel usage), weather, feather, vessel speed etc data are available for interactive analysis and comparison.

  • Data is active on the Global Manager within minutes of input. Both real-time and legacy data can be presented, enabling project monitoring from many perspectives (individual, vessel and company for any period).

  • 'Tour’ utility available for Google Earth, displaying each active project in turn (designed for large screen displays).

Tel: +44 (0)1508 486506


Timing Graphs

Shows a summary of all timing across the company. The timing option is also available under the 'Projects' and 'Vessels' menus. Timing can be compared across projects and vessels or it can be viewed for single projects and vessels