Our 'company-wide' Management Solution. Combines a vessel tracking system and a database synchronisation service (via the Project Manager) that allows monitoring of any ongoing surveys via a web browser and Google Earth, plus storage and viewing of legacy databases


  • Allows unique and versatile presentations via a web browser. Includes project management plus optionally QC, GPS and AIS data allowing 24/7 vessel tracking.

  • Data is available in kml format, allowing utilization of the power of Google Earth to display vessel track, local AIS data, pre-plots, progress etc.

  • The field data is encrypted and synchronised (updates only minimising data transfer) with a server ashore which allows access only to authorized users.

  • Timing, Production, HSE (events, man-hours, fuel usage), weather, feather, vessel speed etc data are available for interactive analysis and comparison.

  • Data is active on the Global Manager within minutes of input. Both real-time and legacy data can be presented, enabling project monitoring from many perspectives (individual, vessel and company for any period).

  • 'Tour’ utility available for Google Earth, displaying each active project in turn (designed for large screen displays).

Tel: +44 (0)1508 486506


Company Map

The flat earth display shows all active and complete projects as well as vessel positions. Below the flat earth display is a table showing all active projects and there status as well as update age.