We work closely with a wide range of clients.

These are just some of the companies we’re proud to work with:


"You are Best and fastest support in the World - thanks a lot"

Alex Vavrovsky, Party Chief

"Great stuff and fantastic support during a weekend!"

Bjørn Henriksen, Operations Manager

"Want to thank all of you guys for the support and also the way that you managed to adapt to the 3 vessel scenario. The system has proven extremely robust"

Paul Endicott/Carl Dodson, Client Reps

"Thanks again for your swift and excellent service. It is certainly well noticed here and by our Reps!!"

Hayden Gilmour, General Manager/Director

"Brilliant program. You should all be proud."

Erol Dinch, Seis QC

"I have to say I’m very impressed with the new version well done to all :)"

Paul Badger, Party Manager

"As always, you guys are on top of any issue or request and top notch on support."

Frank Nixon, Party Manager

"I think that MultiSeis is an excellent product and is supported by a great team."

Graham Hadingham, Client QC

"Very pleased with the new MS, easy to set-up (that was a big improvement) very good the way the database populates the reports and the report building form, great stuff."

Duncan Macqueen, Seis QC

"I have to say its excellent the link from production to timing is really helpful. It’s a hell of a good program you have going, well done."

Colin Gemmel, Offshore Manager

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