The Binning package is available as a licensed extension of the MultiSeis Project Manager & Quick QC.

It is very cost effective and specifically designed for ease and speed of use with optional viewing of coverage via a web browser.


  • Follows the UKOOA industry standards.

  • Simple, automated and seamless installation, updates and licensing via a shore-side server.

  • Coverage from P1/90 or P1/11 (SPS coming soon) files.

  • Channel and shot edits independently entered or taken from the project manager production log.

  • Quick and easy manipulation of data.

  • Uniqueness fully catered for.

  • Versatile plotting - standard 3D and 4D, plus 4D source and delta plots. Additionally, line count and flexed plots.

  • No area limits grid can be expanded to encompass additional surveys.

  • Line edits in individual vintages.

  • Palletes and zones can be manipulated post plotting.

  • Versatile co-ordinate viewing by seismic, project and geographical.

  • Extensive 4D views 4D standard, 4D Standard with base, 4D less hits, 4D more hits.

Tel: +44 (0)1508 486506